Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Tigerbeat's "Paws Across Europe" -tour 2005 was good, last night. I was really looking forward to see Drop The Lime again, and I'd never seen Kid 606 live. Still, I couldn't help but be... well, not exactly disappointed, but still, I'd expected more.

DTL played a lot of 4-to-the-floor beats with some acid-y basslines. I was hoping for more of his freaky cut-ups, live MAX/MSP-programming, but I had learned the same day, via his site, that some ass-monkeys in Berlin stole his friggin' Powerbook.

This pisses me off so much. In a scene that's still largely underground, which really thrives on the symbiotic relation between low-life audience and performers alike, I'd kinda counted on more respect, solidarity. He told me after his set that they also stole his KaosPad and all of their merchandise (including some 100 records). Luckily, he'd been able to get a new laptop and Pad, but his MAX didn't work because of Tiger's annoying attitude towards (risks of) software piracy. So, his set was done with Ableton Live, with hastily sampled bits and patches.

Still, it's a treat to see him perform. It's great to see an electronic musician not just staring at his screen, but actually taking up the mic and singing live. No cuts, no loops, just some processing. And he always, even with a room only half-full, gives a lot, freaking out like a tightly wound, broken clockwork punk. (And oh, he had grimy bits, which I totally digged.)

Kid 606 was cool too. Little too much 4/4 beats again, but that's just my taste, and his sounds are just great (funny, how much all these guys like the 90's Dutch Gabber sound. The Kid was even wearing a shirt that said "Gabber". By now, I'm enjoying all of it's derivatives tremendously, but back then... No. But of course, that might probably have more to do with the whole cultural phenomenon around it here, all the neo-nazi-skinhead-connotations.) . The freestyle bit he built around his "Who Wah Kill Sound?" just kicked mucho booty, and after that I left, because excessive weekend-behavior forced me to retreat to my nest. (Last saturdaynight had been amazing. Last party of a nice little squat that was being evicted soon.* I'm not quite sure, but I do remember spending a lot of time in front of a +10 kW tekno-soundsystem. Also, I think at some point some people got naked, but I'm afraid my memory is a bit hazy on that.)

*: There's been another wave of evictions. At least three places I know of have been forced to move out. This morning, I was late at work because the Heiligeweg, which I always walk through, was blocked up by riot-cops, three rows thick, with at least four vans and one water-cannon. Bad craziness.


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