Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Makeshift wind orchestra.

Construction sites, they continue to amaze and fascinate. Even if not for the reasons planned.

Again, I stumbled upon a sonic pearl, a lump of coal with diamond-potential. No, that's not doing it credit. It is way beyond coal-status, this one.

(Dammit, I really need to start carrying some recording equipment.)

As I was walking home last night, I heard it coming a block away. All the while, I was puzzled. A low hum, a sub-dermal vibration, always staying just that bit too much out of hearing range. Something airy, fleeting, reminiscent of ancient carnivals, circuses, but then too monotone for that. Melancholy, more and more so as I closed in on it.

And then, I turned a corner, and there she stood, in all her glory: an impromptu organ, a makeshift wind orchestra.

They were building something high, and for some bizarre and probably completely sanctified construction-technical reason that's beyond my grasp, there were only floors yet. No walls. At least seven stories, and by the look of it, it's not finished yet. Seven floors, only supported by scores of metal pillars. These pillars are probably adjustable in height, since they sport a row of holes on their sides, so to pin it on one size. And these holes, they were magic.

Wind came from just the right direction, and got caught in these holes to slip into trunks, and there, was turned into music. All these pillars, must have been hundreds of them, all catching wind, all playing the same, but slightly different, note.

Haunting, beautiful, and the aforementioned melancholy, were all words that popped into my head only later, after I stood there for what seemed ages but turned out to be a mere twenty minutes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

get/borrow a mic & minidisc and record it!

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