Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I want to be a chair.

New musical obsession: Gnawa Diffusion.

Nice mix of gnaoua, rai, reggae and other sunny things. French Algerians/ Algerian French I believe, although I might be wrong there. They've played with the likes of Nass el Ghiwane and Manu Chao, to name a few.

Of course, there's the risk of being labeled as "multicultural" or some other non-term, but frankly, I do not give a damn. The reason why they stole my heart has also a lot to do with the fact that the chorus of one of their songs translates to something like "I Want To Be A Chair In A Ladies' Hairdressing Salon". Or anyway, that's what I understood, with my somewhat limited command of the French language. Further on, he wishes to be various other inanimate objects (a belt, a shirt, perfume), all, I assume, to be closer to the object of his affection. (which is all in all quite predictable, but fun nonetheless)

Nice cure for early post-summer blues. (I will try to upload something later, maybe. I think there are also tunes to be heard on their site.)

On a side note: to anyone still consciously using the term "world music" to describe a genre, I hereby declare a personal vendetta. Seriously, I will hunt you down and eat your brain.


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