Saturday, September 03, 2005

Funky business.

I think, by now, we can all agree that Baile Funk, or Funk Carioca if you will, has taken the world by storm. Or is heavily involved in the act of doing so right now.

Now, the question is: will the sound change? I mean, surely they must make tons of money now, seeing as how the stuff's being played all over the world...

Yeah, right.

I think MP3's are largely to be credited for the sudden rise of this music. So, unless you're DJ Marlboro or something, I think it's quite hard to make an actual living from this music. But then again, I've never actually been in Rio or São Paolo, so I might be wrong there.

Also, I kinda hope it won't change. A large part of why I like this stuff is because it sounds so damn cheap. You can just hear the 486 or early Pentium humming in the background in some hot, stuffy favela backroom.

No, I think the real question we have to ask ourselves is: will the performers ever learn any actual MC-ing skills?

P.S.: Don't know what I'm talking about? Do some research, dammit, or listen. MC Galo, incidentally, does boast some skills in MC-ing, off-key as they are.


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