Monday, September 12, 2005

For tonight, we are Gypsies.

Tough choices last night. Odd, how these things often converge. For months, there can be nothing to do, and then, one night, you suddenly have to make the gut-twisting choice between the Boban Markovic Orkestar and Ove-Naxx.

No one should have to make this choice. It's Sophie all over again. Balkan brass versus Japanese breakcore. Both are among my favorite artists/ music styles.

So, I did what any sensible person would do. I outsourced, letting someone else make the choice for me.

And gods, I'm happy for what she chose. Boban Markovic, again, rocked our gadjo asses from here to Serbia and back. This orchestra, 10 Roma strong, is amazing. They play with so much energy, so tight, so good. Trumpet solos soar over thumping basslines, intricate rhythmics mingle with highly catchy Romani melodies. Drums boom, horns blare, and for one night, we imagined ourselves on some wedding-party in the Balkans, getting drunk on homemade vodka and dancing until our poor feet begged us to stop.

The crowd was, how shall I put it, not entirely what I expected. A lot of 30-somethings, undoubtedly with semi-creative office-jobs, who justify their mildly boring lifestyles by watching what they call 'arthouse'-films; that is to say, ethnically correct non-Hollywood cinematic food. So, from Emir Kusturica to Boban Markovic is not such a big step.

Now, I might sound mildly disdainful here, but of course I'm all for more people, no matter from which background, listening to this music/ watching these films. Only thing is, if they go to a concert like this, they should at least dance. Don't stand there in the back of the hall with your arms folded, sipping your beer and nodding your head.

Of course, we youngsters, with our ever-present blatant disregard for our surroundings, started our hip-swinging and feet-shuffling from the very first notes, and soon, more followed.

Sometimes, you just have to set an example, and all will turn out right.


Anonymous sense said...

may the murky waters flow freely, oh yeah! another lovely story. you really know how to set the scene. do you do irrigation? ;-)

10:55 pm  

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