Friday, September 23, 2005

Coffee with the Devil. (chapter 2)

The next morning, I woke up at half past ten.

Then I woke up again at five to eleven. Crap. No time for shower, breakfast and such. I pulled the least smelly clothes I could find on, apologized to my cat for not having food in the house yet, and stumbled my way downstairs, around the corner and into the café.

Smoky blues wafted into my face, Robert Johnson standing on the crossroads, and the Devil sat there, in the corner near the window. She was reading a newspaper, peering through a pair of ridiculously large sunglasses. As I approached, she looked up, put her coffee down and smiled. Got up and planted a kiss on my cheek, as if we knew each other for years already.

"But we do, don't we?" she whispered in my ear.
"Don't do that," I frowned.
"Do what? " she asked, innocently. I sighed.
"Look... I know, as you being... you know, who you are, that you'd be able to, you know, do things like ... that."
"But don't do it around me, okay? Or just pretend you're not doing it, or something. It's very disconcerting. "
"Oh... all right, sorry... " She paused, looking guilty.
"I uhm... already ordered for you. Hope you don't mind. I'll stop now, promise. Honestly."

I gave her a suspicious glance as I sat down. My coffee arrived, and not very surprisingly, just the way I like it, with lots of milk and foam and two sugars. Stirring the cup, I lit a cigarette, taking a deep drag. Not a great way to hide your anxiety, I'll admit.

"You nervous?" she asked.
"A little."
I shot her a glance, over the rim of my cup. "Come off it."
She chuckled. "Hey, you asked me to not read you, so I'm not. Why are you nervous?"
"Oh, come on. I'm sitting here, drinking coffee with you."
"So I make you nervous?"
"Yes, kind of. "
"...Oh." she actually looked like she regretted that.

A silence, then, mildly uncomfortable. I smoked, sipped, and looked outside.

"Why me?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, obviously, not everyone knows who you are."
"True... well, I'm not sure. You seemed nice."
"Nice? The Devil picks his followers because he thinks they're nice?"
"You want to follow me?"
"Well, no. But still... 'nice'?"
"Like I said, I don't know. I guess you could say I just follow my instincts. More of a feely-type of person, know what I mean?"
"I suppose, yes. "

Silence again, less uncomfortable this time.

" Do you think I'm evil? Root of all, etcetera?"
"I don't know, I've only just met you. You seem nice."
"Nice? You call the Devil nice?"
"Sure. You seem allright. " I grinned.
"Dude, treading thin ice here. You do not call the Devil 'nice'." She grinned back.
"Why not? Especially like the skirt. Very cute."
"Cute? Cute? Watch it now, kid."

We just sat there for a few moments, grinning stupidly.
"I like you." she said.
"You already said that. But why?"
"You're innocent. In a way. You look at things differently."
"I do?"
"Sure. It's like... a lot of times, you see things as if for the first time. Fresh eyes, like a kid. Or an animal."
"Gee, thanks. "
"It's a compliment. Also, I can't figure out if your soul is young, or old. "
"So it's true then? Reincarnation and such?"
"No comment. Anyways, you seemed less inclined to freak out, once I'd let you know."
"You could've picked some goth kid. "
"Please, they're so boring. They always want to call me "Prince of the Night" or something like that. Do I look like a prince of the night to you?"
"Of course not. Over the years, my image has really gone in a wrong direction, I can tell you that."
"So you're saying you're not evil at all?"
"I don't think the term 'evil' is relevant here. It's very relative. The reason you think I am the Devil, is because that's the quickest reference for you."
"I wasn't raised a Christian."
"No, but it's all over your culture. I've been known by all sorts of names, through the ages."
"Like what?"
"Iktomi, Kitsune, Loki, Eshu, Puca... But that's beside the point. "
"No,no, it's not. Those are all tricksters. Not necessarily embodiments of evil."
"Okay, name me a trickster in Christianity then."
"... well, there's you. Judas, maybe?"
"Judas wasn't a trickster. Nice guy, by the way. Bit rash in his decisions, but terribly misinterpreted, all in all."
"So what about you?"
"Think about it. First, there was Chaos. Or void, or darkness, or whatever you want to call it. Then, one bit of that became Order, because if you have infinite possibility, the possibility of Order will pop up sooner or later. So, there was Order. You may have read about that as God. Order wishes to know itself, but can't do that on it's own. Chaos is too vast to talk to, and too, ha-ha, chaotic. So, Order tries to make a smaller version of Chaos, one that he can contain, but with enough of the original Chaos in it that it remains unpredictable, able to ask questions. That's where I come in." She paused to take a sip of coffee, and steal a cigarette from my pack.
"Anyways, fast forward a few millenia. Or none, since time is such an outdated concept. Anyways. At some point, people come in. They respect Order. Write books about it, think it's the greatest thing in the world. So, automatically, anything to do with Chaos becomes the antagonist, or Evil, if you will."
"So what you're saying is-"
"What I'm saying is that people who build a system, often don't like to have to answer tricky questions about that system. Afraid that it will fall apart. You see?"
"I think I do. So it's all a question of propaganda."
"Exactly. Luckily, there's enough people who do respect the value of Chaos."
"Okay... " I checked my watch.
"You better go, you'll be late for work."
"I know... thanks for the coffee." I got up.
"See you next week?"
"Sure. Call me."
"I will."


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Loki is great! I've read about him in the Edda. Don't think though he's as sexy as your hotty. Hmmm wonder what a male version would look like ;-) Aah he sees her again next week, so another chapter by then, I hope!

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