Monday, September 05, 2005

Coffee with the Devil. (chapter 1)

Behind me, in the line at the supermarket, stood the Devil.

Admittedly, he didn't look like the Devil. He looked like a pretty girl, no fashion model or anything, but just cute. The kind of girl that you feel a bit guilty about when you think about her like that, no older than seventeen. That kind of cute.

So, no horns, no tail, no hooves, no pitchfork, but if you half-closed your eyes, and made your focus go a bit woozy, you could just pick up the smell of sulphur from the corner of your eye.

He (she?) smiled at me. I smiled back. I paid, put my groceries in my bag and for one bizarre moment, I considered actually asking her if she wanted to have coffee with me sometime. I quickly put the thought away. You don't ask the Devil if she (he?) has coffee with you, right? Weird.

Now, of course I wondered why I knew this was the devil. I'm not particularly inclined to take up religion as a hobby. I wouldn't go so far as to call myself atheist, but that's only because there's always this gently nagging thought that there might be 'something' (ooh, apostrophes!). I don't quite buy the idea that there's one Supreme Being that created all, knows all. Maybe I'm too afraid to dismiss the idea completely just in case I'm, you know, wrong. To be short: I never actually considered the idea that there might be a personification, an embodiment of all evil.

Still, there she was, trying to jam half a loaf of bread in her bag and counting her change. One last look, and I turned around, quite disconcerted. Didn't anyone else see? I still don't know why, but I was absolutely certain: this was Satan, Shaitan, the fallen angel, ruler of Inferno, the Devil.

I was almost at the exit, the automatic doors had already slid open, and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around, and there she stood, smiling broadly, obviously burdened by the weight of the plastic bag full of groceries.

"Wanna go for coffee sometime?"
I blinked. "Uhm... "
"Just say yes, c'mon. Will be fun." Again, that smile. Really cute, the way she did that.
"But..." I started.
"Yeah, yeah, I know, you also read Faust."
"Yes, so..."
"Don't make such a big thing out of it. Just coffee. No strings attached. Really." She nodded, for emphasis. Then, she leaned forward, conspiring, an impish gleam in her blue eyes. "Don't believe everything they write... it's mostly propaganda anyways. " Wink.
"... no strings attached?"
"Yup. Tomorrow? You're not doing anything in the morning, right?"
"Uh, yeah, no, I'm not, right, yeah...." I didn't quite know what to do with this. This could turn out to be a very bad decision, but then again, I had to admit I was fascinated as well. This, of course, was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
"Good. Say.. eleven, at that place around your corner?
"How do you know where..."
But she smiled again, and said: "Great! See you then."
And she was gone, on an old noisy rickety bike.

I walked home, mildly confused. What had just happened? Was I really going to have coffee with the Devil? Could I believe her when she said "no strings attached"? Also, I found it all rather interesting. What was going to happen? Was she going to try to get my soul, in return for riches untold, fame and power? Would I get to hear juicy gossip about God? I didn't know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice food for the mind... hope you will find some inspiration in this "bright moment" (or should I say a dark one?) enjoy..

12:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i look forward to the rest

7:20 pm  

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